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Parker Management Group offers:  



-Yard Cleanup



-Kitchen and Bathroom



-Interior Doors and Trim


In our network are licensed


-Foundation professionals




- Builders

They pull all permits necessary and we take it from a passed rough inspection to completion!

Why Choose Us

Professional & Knowledgable

We have over 12 years of experience in the residential construction industry,  We are here to help investors save time and money by lending our expertise.  We have an extensive knowledge of the neighborhoods in Detroit and metro Detroit.


While managing your project we can send a digital progress report, photos, videos and have virtual meetings at your convenience.  We handle all the day to day aspects of the project so you can focus on other things


We understand the real estate investment process from front to back.  We will help you acquire great properties based on proven strategies and information we gather about the neighborhood.  Get reliable contractors to rehab your project, then depending on your exit strategy, plan to sell or rent your home.  All can be done on this site.  


We network with investors, general contractors, inspectors, buyers, wholesalers etc. on a daily basis..  We have built a large network of reliable people that allows us to help you navigate through the renovation process smoothly.

Our Services Include

Satisfied Customers

"In my experience in real estate construction, reliability and trust is hard to come by sometimes.  This is why I always go with Parker Management Group for my projects.  I never had to worry!"

Dr. Eric Reed
Central Michigan University

"I have had the fortuitous experience of being able to contract Parker Management Group and I have been nothing less than pleased from the introduction, to the communication, to the efficiency of service and quality of work for a rehab and property management services."

Casey Landsman
Atlanta Investor


"This is the very first remodel my girlfriend, and I have ever done and we couldn’t have been more pleased about working with Parker Management Group. I have never met a more patient, thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly representation from any company I have previously done business with. I could tell they truly wanted us to get what we envisioned our new bathroom to be. Very professional, highly recommended!"

Ryan M. Allen

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Service Areas:

Metro Detroit, MI, United States

Atlanta, GA, United States


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